It is such and honor and pleasure to work with couples who are planning a honeymoon.   

A Honeymoon Top Tip... bring your personality and interests into the itinerary, this is why we prefer a phone chat at the beginning of the process so we can hear about your style and then come up with some fun ideas to incorporate into the trip. 

Customized itineraries: We have arranged

  • one couple traveled all around the South Pacific for their honeymoon… New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii exploring, relaxing and oh, yes, attending U2 Concerts.  

  • Another couple wanted to combine the overwater bungalow experience in Tahiti with Glacier Climbing in New Zealand. 

  • A third couple took a FamilyMoon to Australia and then flew off for a romantic week for two in Paris! 

If you are planning a Honeymoon give us a call!