The Outback is the vast inland area of Australia this is sparsely settled, remote, and usually an arid region. You can find the outback in almost all of the Australian territories from the coastal Queensland, down to New South Wales and out to Perth in the west.."The Never-Never" and "back of beyond",   are also terms referring to the remoter parts of the Australian outback.

"The Red Centre"  Ayres Rock /Ularu is the spiritual heart of Australia the big red monolithic “rock”  one of its most iconic symbols.  Uluru is a place that speaks of Aboriginal legends, rich indigenous culture and great spirituality.    Watch the sun rise and set on ‘the rock’ as at different times of day the colours shift constantly, from pink to blood red to mauve. 

  • Walk around the base of Uluru with an Aboriginal guide and learn about their traditions.
  • Enjoy a thrilling motorcycle ride
  • Ride into the sunset on a camel.
  • Dine under the stars of the Southern Hemisphere with the  Sounds of Silence Dinner