Hey Diane!!  It was AMAZING.  The resort was wonderful with great service.  The food was out there, of course, but also delicious, and the DIVING...WOW!!!  We dove twice a day and saw the most amazing willd life.  We didn't go fishing but did rent bikes, canoe, and went to the blue lagoon.  Overall the honeymoon was perfect!  

Hotel Kia Ora  have you always dreamed of a tropical island paradise?  Do you love to snorkel or are you divers?  Need some "downtime" to recharge?   Stay in a Beach Bungalow with jacuzzi the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the lagoon, or the overwater bungalows directly over this amazing lagoon, or for super private paradise a villa with your own pool.  Ask about the free nights in paradise specials we have at the Kia Ora.

Kia Ora Sauvage ..

For travelers in search of a Robinson Crusoe hideaway, the  Kia Ora Sauvage features five traditional style bungalows located on a private island, just an hour away by boat. There the Kia Ora Sauvage greets you in a mini version of paradise and reserves its charm to ten guests, who can discover the true Polynesian art of living, in a perfectly preserved nature.

Kia Ora Sauvage review -

On this trip to French Polynesia we stayed 3 nights at the Hotel Kia Ora, 4 nights at the Kia Ora Savauge, and 4 nights at the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Our whole trip was wonderful, but it is our experiences at the Savauge we end up talking about the most.  The snorkeling was wonderful. Exploring the other motus alone was fantastic. The service was impeccable. The fresh fish was terrific. The sharks were entertaining! We kayaked and used the outrigger as well as walked and swam to adjacent motus.